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By combining courses (online or on-ground) during any Bachelor degree program at UBIS you will also receive a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of the Potomac*, a regionally accredited post-secondary institution located in Washington D.C. at no extra cost.

Combine your studies in Finance for International Business (3 US credits course) with enriching visits to Companies and International Organizations.
Key topics includes an examination of the flow of funds in the economy and of the role of financial intermediaries leading on to discussions of the principal types of financial institutions.

Academic/Professional Excursions

Through personal and professional contacts of our colleagues in Europe, we arrange highly qualified faculty members and professionals to teach specialized courses or provide guest lectures to your students. Visits, lectures and tours of EU Institutions, NGOs, National & Multi-national corporations are selected depending on the focus of the course and program. Professional lectures are planned by specialists in the topic as requested by the visiting faculty.
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Cultural Experiences/Field Trips

UBIS experts plan and organize each and every program so you can be assured of an experience organized exclusively for your group. We strive to arrange all of the services and activities (professional & cultural trips, guest lectures, etc.) that we lay out individually for your group. Should a cancellation occur, we find and arrange a comparable replacement for you and your group. You have nothing to work about as you travel with us.

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Classrooms & Meeting Facilities

General meeting and conference rooms will be used for classroom lectures, instructional meetings, and group/student presentations. Upon request and availability facilities can be arranged at local universities.
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On-site Coordinators

Local coordinators will be selected specifically for your group. The coordinator is the liaison between group leaders and our institutions. Duties include, but are not limited to: airport pick-up, chaperoning the group on organized activities, assistance with hotel check-in, emergencies, problems, transportation, translation/language & cultural barriers, distributing city maps, pre-ordered tickets, cash allowances, cell phones, and more. Coordinators are trained and will put you at ease.

Food is an important part of any culture. It is important to see and visit Europe, but the experience is enhanced when you really get to taste the cuisine and traditions. We arrange group meals at unique and authentic restaurants. We will gladly accommodate any special requests for group meals if we are informed before your departure. As with hotels, we do not work exclusively with any restaurants, so you are free to request any special restaurant along the way.

Hotels generally offer the best price/value for groups, which can serve you will. We do not work exclusively with any hotels and are glad to book a specific hotel if you have special wishes. We research, visit, negotiate and update our database of hotels to keep the prices low. Students are grouped in twin rooms and group leaders are always booked in single rooms, unless otherwise requested.

We carefully evaluate all of your options, depending on your specific itinerary and travel route, to create efficient and convenient travel for your group. After years of experience we tend to hire private busses for group travel. However in certain cities or for certain transfer it may be more sensible and affordable to use other transportation.

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Safety & Liability

We provide you with 24/7 emergency assistance support. Since we are located in Europe, we can be on-site to assist. By law in Europe, all tour operators and transportation companies are required to have liability insurance. We only work with official and accredited transportation companies to insure that your land/water/air transfers are safe.
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Student Exchange Program / Transfer

UBIS welcomes students who wish to continue their studies by transferring to the university. UBIS has three 16-week semesters per year and offers students 6 entry date per year- more flexibility in starting your studies. As a rule, UBIS accepts a maximum of 90 (30 3-credit courses) semester credit hours in transfer for undergraduatestudies and a maximum of 18 (6 3-credit courses) semester credit hours for graduate studies. Please note that transfer credits arenever evaluated without receipt of the student’s full application form and all above supporting documentation.

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Asean Programs

The ASEAN Business Learning Experience program intends to promote regional and global understanding about ASEAN countries from the perspective of ASEAN along with increasing the international community’s awareness about ASEAN’s common historical, cultural, and regional identity, consequently providing a well-balanced perspective in ASEAN studies.

The program is designed for students, individuals, professionals, and practitioners from all walks of life who are interested to pursue an intensive type short-term internationally-oriented professional development experience and use the newly acquired ASEAN skills, experience and network to enhance their career or find a job.

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Summer Programs

UBIS’s Summer programs are the perfect match for undergraduate/ graduate students students currently enrolled in Bachelor/Master programs looking for an opportunity to reinforce their understanding of Business / International Organizations in Europe.

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