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Geneva, Switzerland

Located at the heart of Western Europe, Geneva has been a global financial hub and a major international crossroads for diplomatic affairs since the 19th Century. Now Geneva is home to the United Nations, the International Red Cross Committee, a number of non-political organizations, a very successful bank sector and many multinational businesses. As Switzerland’s second largest city, Geneva is home to around twenty international organizations. Over 160 states represent their governments in the city’s international conferences and organizations. Private, public and global organizations play a major economic role in Geneva, which is home to roughly one hundred foreign banks. About half of the population of Geneva is foreign, making it one of the most culturally stimulating cities in the world.


Geneva is linked to Europe’s capital cities by its international airport, roads and rails. Geneva is an environmentally conscious city and has pursued a policy of limiting automobile use within the city. The city is readily accessible by an excellent public transport system. Buses and trams run every few minutes and buses also connect with destinations in France. The railway station in the middle of the city connects the traveler to major European cities. The high-speed French TGV train and the Italian Pendolino make the trip to Paris or Milan very short.


Geneva is a center for all kinds of outdoor summer and winter sports. Lake Geneva has a large number of harbors, beaches, and ski resorts. The surrounding mountains provide opportunities for hiking, climbing and rafting.

Cost of Living

The average student’s monthly budget amounts to approximately CHF 1.800.

This includes:

  • Food – CHF 500
  • Medical Insurance – CHF 100
  • Transport – CHF 100
  • Accommodation – CHF 950
  • Other – Other CHF 150

Geneva has a long university tradition within the city and therefore rooms for students are available throughout the town. Typical monthly rent ranges from about CHF 800 (USD $849.00) for a small room with minimum amenities up to CHF 1200 (USD $1,256.00) and more for a studio.

UBIS provides housing assistance, however we also encourage you to be proactive in your housing search.

If you have questions about housing please contact Student Services at +41 (0)22 732 6282.


About Switzerland

Switzerland has something special to offer you whether you like mountains, lakes, chocolate or technology. The fusion of German, French and Italian ingredients has formed a robust national culture, and you can enjoy the country’s dramatic landscapes, quaint country settings, historic castles and heritage and of course the breathtaking Swiss Alps. Switzerland is densely populated, with an average of 183 people per square kilometer. However, there are major differences between the geographical regions. Switzerland has a population of about 7.4 million. Foreigners account for around 20% of the resident population. Switzerland is most famous for green hillsides and snowy mountain peaks, but the country offers even more than this. Although Switzerland can indeed offer a unique variety of winter and summer sport activities, metropolitan city adventures and cultural should also be added to activities not to miss while is Switzerland.

With its central location, Switzerland is the perfect starting point if you want to discover the rest of Europe. With four official languages, you do not even have to leave Switzerland to get a taste of the different European cultures.

  • Free Museums and Zoological (ZOO) Parks such as The Smithosonian, the Spy Museum, Holocaust Museum, National
  • Geographic Museum, National Gallery of Art, and National Air and Space Museum.
  • Tour the Three Houses of Government – the White House, Capitol and the Supreme Court.
  • Enjoy the famous Cherry Blossom Festival in Spring
  • Kayak, bike or walk along the Potomac River
  • Attend a baseball game at the Nationals Park Stadium
  • Enjoy the sights and sounds of many outdoors summer festivals, fairs, and jazz concerts
  • Visit Alexandria City waterfront – Take a Metro to King Street to see this historic town.
  • Visit historic Georgetown – with shops and restaurants representing nationalities around the world.
  • Hike at Great Falls Park – a beautiful 800 acre park with great views of the Potomac River.
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