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Dr. Viola KREBS

Dean and Professor Communication and International Relations

Languages: Fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian, with some knowledge of Arabic

Dr. Viola Krebs joined UBIS in 2012 as a professor for a Certificate on NGOs and International Organizations. Later, she became a staff professor for topics ranging from People and Politics to Web Strategies, Business Ethics and Organizational Culture. In 2016, she became the Dean for E-Learning, putting in place a new e-learning platform. As of 2017, she took on a new challenge, as the Dean of the University.

Dr. Krebs completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities (Socio-Linguistics, Spanish and English) and a Master’s Degree in Sciences of Communication and Media. She obtained a PhD in Sciences of Information and Communications from the University of Strasbourg, France.

Dr. Krebs is also the Founder of ICVolunteers, an international non-profit organization focusing on communications (communication technologies, culture & languages and conference support). Further, she is a board member of the European University for Volunteering (EUV) and the World Network for Linguistic Diversity (Maaya). She has chaired several international conferences, served from 2003 to 2005 on the Civil Society Bureau of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and taken part in Strategy Council of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) from 2006 to 2011. She has worked in both the public and the private sectors, including for United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), the World Economic Forum (WEF), UBS SA and Merrill Lynch.

Dr. Krebs is the author and editor of a number of articles and publications, focusing on the following themes: communication and technology, migration and languages, bilingual education, the non-profit and voluntary sectors.


Dr. Philippe LAURENT

Honorary Dean, Professor of International Business and Management

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, plus some Chinese and Thai

Dr. Philippe Laurent holds a PhD in International Economics from University of St-Gallen. He has obtained an MAS in Asian Studies from University of Geneva and the Graduate Institute of International Studies and holds a EMBA in Management of Technology (MoT) from EPFL -HEC University of Lausanne and University of Texas in Austin (USA), as well as an MBA with major in Marketing from EM-Lyon and IMD Certificate in Management of services and a Bachelor in Economics and International Trade from EDC-Paris.

With over 20 years of experience in CEO and General Management or Executive positions in Switzerland, Europe and Asia, plus 10 years of consulting, training, coaching, teaching at company and university level, mostly MBAs/EMBAs, is able to share hands-on management experience with his students.

Dr. Laurent is an expert in Intercultural Management to the Council of Europe and the Confederation (OFPER), as well as a Senior Consultant and Researcher on China matters for European SMEs and on International Strategy for start-ups.

Dr. Svetlana MITEREVA

Assistant Dean Online and Professor of Research Methodologies, Finance and Economics

Languages: English, Russian

Dr. Svetlana Mitereva holds a PhD in Economics (Management of knowledge-based product life cycles), from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Information, as well as an MS in Management and a BS from the same university.

She worked for the Moscow Government Investment Department, focusing on economical, statistical and financial analysis and reporting in stock exchange activity. Prior, she was an Economist for the Russian Aircraft Corporation and an Adjunct Professor for the Moscow Banking and Financial College.

As Special Economics Advisor to the CEO of ESCO, she developed and implemented energy saving and energy service strategies as a part of a regional program of energy services reform in Krasnodar and Ryazan.


Professor of Finance, Banking and Financial Services

Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German

Ms. Marina Papadopoulou holds a Diploma of Surveyor Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki in Greece. She specialized in Economics applied to the Environment, which she researched at the EPFL Polytechnic School of Lausanne. Prior, she obtained an MA in Economics from the HEC University of Lausanne and an IAF Swiss Federal diploma of financial products applied to the Banking sector.

Ms. Papadopoulou has over 20 years of experience in the fields of financial investment, asset management, strategic planning, teaching and financial consulting. She is the Owner of AGORA, a Lutry based individual financial advisory firm.


Dr. Alexander PULTE

Professor of Enterpreneurship, Business Law and Corporate Finance

Languages: Fluent in English, German, with some knowledge of Thai

Dr. Alexander Pulte joined UBIS following faculty positions at Columbia University (New York) and Myanmar Metropolitan College (Yangon). He also taught courses as a visiting professor at the University of Washington (Seattle), the Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia (Madrid), and the Institute of Economics (Yangon).

Dr. Pulte completed his undergraduate studies in Germany and Italy. Following doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, he obtained Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Doctor of Law (J.D.) degrees from Columbia University. He also obtained a Certificate in International Business from the London School of Economics and a Certificate in International Law from the Parker School of Foreign and Comparative Law.

Dr. Pulte’s professional experience includes working as a media strategy consultant in London, as a Wall Street attorney in New York, and as a foreign legal advisor for the Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem. As a business consultant, he managed innovative ventures at Internet start-ups, advised Hollywood studios on marketing strategies, and counseled the Government of Great Britain and the European Council on digital media policies. As a U.S.-attorney, he advised international clients on multi-billion dollar mergers and capital market transactions, including the largest American utilities IPO to date, the merger of Germany’s second- and third-largest banks, and regular debt issuance by Goldman Sachs, the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Republic of Austria.

Currently, Dr. Pulte is based primarily in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma), where he is actively involved in the current reform of Myanmar’s legal system and efforts to reestablish international education standards in the country after decades of neglect and active suppression. In 2014, he succeeded in establishing the first Financial Aid system for talented and underprivileged students at a private college in Myanmar. As part of his educational activities on behalf of UBIS, he also offers capacity building courses for members of the Myanmar Parliament and teacher training courses for faculty members of Yangon University’s Institute of Economics.

Giuliana RENGA

Professor of French

Languages: Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian

Ms. Giuliana Renga is multilingual professional specialized in the teaching of French, Portuguese, Arabic and Italian languages.

Well traveled, Ms. Renga has worked at World Food Program and has a strong interest in multicultural environments, photography and teaching to share her passion for languages and different cultures.


Dr. Barbara STUCKEY

Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Social Psychology and Methodology

Languages: Fluent in English, French, German, Swiss German

Dr. Barbara Stuckey holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles, a MA in Urban Planning from the same university, as well as a BA in Urban Studies from University of California, Berkeley, USA.

With close to 30 years of experience in various positions, she worked, among others the Berufsbegleitendes Lehrerseminar der Rudolf Stiner-Schule in Zurich, as well as different academic institutions in California, USA. She also was a lecturer at the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (Dakar, Senegal) and served as an adviser and lecturer at the University of Basel and the University of Economics in Vienna.

Her extensive experience in research and academics have brought her to be involved in the Swiss National Science Foundation. She also has been involved in projects with the World Economic Forum (San Francisco) and the World Bank (Washington DC), as well as the Delphi International in London, UK, as the President of this Research Company Specialized in the Financing of Environmental Innovation.

In the field of research, she has been involved in publishing articles related to the Globalizing Swiss Industry, as well as the question of inequalities among different Regions within Switzerland.

Tam Anh TRAN

Tam Anh TRAN

Professor of International Business and Research

Languages: Fluent in Vietnamese and English

Mr. Tam Anh Tran, DBA Candidate, is a Board member and International Relations Director at The International Business Management Institute (IBM), Vietnam. He is responsible for international development strategies, internet marketing, and integrated solutions to international partnerships, both in academic and business operations.

Mr. Tam Anh Tran is a DBA candidate at Apollos University (USA). He holds a MBA degree from University of Business and International Studies (Switzerland), as well as a B.A. degree in Economics from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Vietnam) and a B.I.T. degree from University of Canberra (Australia). He has also obtained an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration from Perth Commecial College (Australia).

Roberto ZANNI

Professor of International Marketing and International Business

Languages: English, Italian, French

Mr. Roberto Zanni is a Senior International Executive with over 30 years’ experience working for leading FMCGs such as Japan Tobacco International, Jacob Suchard, Unilever, Kraft General Foods and for several medium-sized subsidiaries.

Mr. Zanni is now working both as a Professor across several International Universities and is the Founder of Zanni & Partners- The Management House: a top consultants boutique providing tailored managerial consulting.

Throughout his accomplished career, Mr. Zanni has obtained outstanding results due to an enthusiastic and decisive leadership, with a focus on developing and articulating a long-term vision, and driving first-rate company performance.

Mr. Zanni was born in 1953 in Italy, and studied at the Bocconi School of Management where he received a Master’s degree in Economics as well as an MBA. Following graduation, he began his successful career in brand building and strategic management at Kraft General Food in 1978.



Adjunct Lecturer in Management

Mr. Elias N. Ashkar is the Chief Executive Officer – Middle East & North Africa at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising (communication agency in charge of Gordon Brown’s campaign in the UK).

In the past, he served as the Regional General Manager at The Coca-Cola Company, as well as the Vice President PepsiCola International – Middle East & Africa at PepsiCo.


Lecturer in Business

Mr. Bruno CIROUSSEL is Engineer ETH and lead auditor ISAS. He taught at ILCE (Institute of Economic fight against crime in Switzerland): Safety and Human Factors. He taught at HEG strategic decisions. He is the author of the concepts of Business Investigation (performance management and risk).

Since 2002, he leads the company Business Investigation, a Swiss company publishing solutions in Business Investigations, active in Switzerland and abroad.

Michel-Eric EHRLICH

Lecturer in International Trade

Mr. Michel-Eric Ehrlich is an expert in international trade, currently managing international key accounts at Alpvision (digital technology against counterfeiting).

Michel Eric has a 25-year-operational experience in SMEs and large groups as Export Manager then Export Director and member of the Executive Committee followed by 5 years as Consultant and Associate Professor. He teaches in English and French and is awarded the Federal Certificate of Competence for Adult Education (ECTS 13.5) by the SVEB.

Mr. Ehrlich has occupied director-level sales and export roles in a number of international corporations. He founded in 2008 Deficom which contribute to the sales and international development of industrial and distribution companies through training and concrete actions of international development.

He has experience spanning across a variety of industries such as digital technology, retail, manufacturing, electronics and cosmetics.

David Vivas EUGUI

Adjunct Lecturer in Trade Organizations

Mr. David Vivas Eugui is Attorney-at-Law with a L.M.M. in International Trade Law at Georgetown University and a MBA in Universidad Externado of Colombia. He has been Senior Economic official in the UNCTAD, Deputy Programme Director at ICTSD and Attaché for Legal Affairs at the Mission of Venezuela before the WTO. He has been consultant to a large number of international governmental organizations such as WTO, UNCTAD, and WIPO. He has been as an arbitrator in WTO disputes. He has widely published on international trade, intellectual property, public health and environmental law.

Mr. Vivas Eugui holds a L.M.M. in International Trade Law at Georgetown University and an MBA in Universidad Externado of Colombia.

He has served as a Senior Economic official in the UNCTAD, a Deputy Programme Director at ICTSD and an Attaché for Legal Affairs at the Mission of Venezuela before the WTO. As the Arbitrator, he focused on WTO disputes.

Mr. Vivas Eugui published on international trade, intellectual property, public health and environmental law.



Lecturer in International Law

Dr. David Vivas Eugui is Attorney-at-Law with a L.M.M. in International Trade Law at Georgetown University and a MBA in Universidad Externado of Colombia. He has been Senior Economic official in the UNCTAD, Deputy Programme Director at ICTSD and Attaché for Legal Affairs at the Mission of Venezuela before the WTO. He has been consultant to a large number of international governmental organisations such as WTO, UNCTAD, and WIPO. He has been as an arbitrator in WTO disputes. He has widely published on international trade, intellectual property, public health and environmental law.

Dr. Vivas Eugui holds a PhD from the Salzburg University. He studied in Passau, Paris, London and Montreal. His areas of expertise include commercial law, company law, insolvency law, sports law, labor law. He has been involved in the German Lawyers’ Association and the Munich Bar Association, as well as the German association of young entrepreneurs and family business (BJU).

He published a number of articles on international law, intellectual property, private law and environmental law.

Alain HAUT

Adjunct Lecturer in Human Resources and International Business

Mr. Alain Haut is an international executive with broad-based human resources management experience (including at Corporate Executive Committee Officer level). Expert in performance improvement, leadership acquisition and development, change facilitation, human resources management. He is the Founder of O plc sarl –consulting.

In the past, he served as an Executive Vice-President for Corporate Human Resources at IPSEN, an international specialist pharmaceutical company. He is also the former Vice-President of Global Human Resources and Administration Covance Corporation, the largest Clinical Research Organization in the world.

Over the time of his professional career, he has covered executive roles in a number of international corporations, spanning from biotechnology to automotive , to mobile communications.

Dr. Daniel Michel JUDKIEWICZ

Professor of Strategy

Over his almost 40 years of career, Dr. Michel Judkiewicz has always managed to combine his scientific and technical training with business issues, whether operational or strategic.

He holds a MS in engineering from Université Libre de Bruxelles, a certificate in general management from the Insead – Cedep and has worked for 3 years in a consulting engineers company (Sobemap), as well as 6 years with Honeywell in process control (out of which 3 years in the USA). Before this, he was for 15 years with UCB (former Union Chimique Belge) in R&D, production, sales, strategic marketing, IT, business development, strategic planning and general management.

Dr. Judkiewicz has developed his own independent consulting practice in business development, prospective strategy, coaching, mediation, complex projects, crisis and change management, technology transfer, as well as teaching activities. Most of it is devoted to B2B, over 3 continents (Europe, USA and Asia).

In addition, Dr. Judkiewicz has served as operational advisor to the rector of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, member of the board of Certech (a university of Louvain research center for chemicals), interim manager and member of the board of a non-profit organization active in data archiving, director Strategic Planning at PROVIRON N.V., company specialized in basic and functional chemicals (products and toll manufacturing).



Lecturer for Organizational Behavior and Marketing /Sales Management

Mr. Andre-Jean Martinez holds a Master in Management from HEC Paris (France) and a BSc. in Economics from Sorbonne (Paris).

He is the Former President of Nestlé branches in France, Switzerland and Romania, then Training Director for Sales and Marketing Talents in Vevey (CH). He has also served as a Franchise Director for PepsiCo in Belgium and France with some expatriation to the New York head office. Before this, he was the Head of Wholesales for Kronenbourg (Danone Group).

After a long private sector professional career, Mr. Martinez founded his own Advisory Cabinet (2005) and is a Senior Consultant for his former employers.



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